Zimbabwe: Grace Mugabe orders destruction of 100 homes in Mazowe

source: SW Radio Africa
By Lance Guma
08 March 2010

First Lady Grace Mugabe is launching her own version of Operation Murambatsvina (drive out the filth), this time targeting 100 homes for destruction in a Mazowe suburb. Her aides claim she wants to make way for the expansion of an orphanage.

According to the weekly Zimbabwe Standard newspaper the residents have already been given notices to vacate their premises. Those affected said they bought their stands as far back as 1998 from the Mazowe Rural District Council. Both those who managed to finish their houses and those who were still building have all been asked to leave.

Mugabe’s first wife Sally was renowned for her work in helping disadvantaged children and orphans. Grace on the other hand has built a reputation as The First Shopper, going overseas and splashing out extravagantly. Her motives for displacing the residents in Mazowe have naturally triggered suspicions. Although compensation has been promised one resident summed up the [continue reading]


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