Chinese Employees Spill The Beans On Their Bosses

source: Mmegi
Sesupo Rantsimako

FRANCISTOWN: Labour inspectors revisited Chinese shops last Friday where employees complained that things were still the same since they visited last year.

In their last visit in 2009, the inspectors are said to have been on a mission to find out how employees were treated by their employers

“We were telling them about our work as well as wages. It looks like the inspection was only done in the Chinese shops because that is where we have more complaints about ill-treatment of workers,” an employee remarked.

In an interview with The Monitor, a number of employees revealed that they told the inspectors that things have not changed.

Bashful Kedibonye Diboni, 23, who works as a parcel counter attendant at Wins Lin Brothers, said that she starts work at 7.00 am and knocks off at 6.30 pm but she [continue reading]


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