Technology to Catch Undocumented Migrants

source: allAfrica
UN Integrated Regional Information Networks
1 March 2010

Gaborone — Botswana is adopting a two-pronged approach to tackle abuse of its immigration system by increasing the sophistication of travel documents, visas and work permits, and putting more boots on the ground to apprehend undocumented foreign nationals.

Zimbabweans escaping their country’s continuing economic, political and social malaise – despite the formation of a unity government more than a year ago – have favoured neighbouring Botswana, one of southern Africa’s most prosperous nations.

Letso Mpho, acting spokesman for Botswana’s Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs, told IRIN that workplace inspections would be “intensified” from 1 March 2010, and special immigration assistants would accompany police and home affairs officials to help identify undocumented foreign nationals.

The government has also begun introducing electronic online passports (e-passports), and the computerization of work and residence permits for all foreign nationals. The current passport is to be [continue reading]


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