Wilderness Safaris to float on BSE

source: Sunday Standard
by Prof Malema
28.02.2010 7:37:02 P

Wilderness Safaris, the regional tourism giant outfit is to seek a primary listing on the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) that is aimed at helping its growth phase across the southern African region.

The company’s independent public offering that involves 3 million shares being placed on BSE will also seek secondary listing on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange’s (JSE’s) Africa Board.

The company said Friday that the exercise was a strategically significant step in its evolution, designed to enable it to take full advantage of growth opportunities and to give the public an opportunity to participate in its future success.

The Chief Executive Officer, Andy Payne said the company’s strategic objective was to double the number of owned Wilderness bed nights by 2015, as well as to double the area under its influence by expanding into regions, which complement its [continue reading]


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