CEDA young farmers fund collapses?

source: Sunday Standard
by John Regonamanye
28.02.2010 7:53:06 P

The future of the Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency’s Young Farmers was last week brought under scrutiny, with members of parliament questioning its feasibility after it emerged that it faces collapse because the youth do not seem to appreciate it much.

Despite government pumping millions into the fund, it has emerged that a lot of young farmers have not embraced the fund as vigorously as anticipated to ensure that it survives.

Assistant Minister for Agriculture Oreeditse Molebatsi last week lamented the youth’s lack of drive in the agriculture sector, as his ministry finds itself caught in a web of contradictory statements concerning the food security of the country and attempts to diversify the economy.

Government has until recently been hailing the Young Farmers Fund as a great success over the [continue reading]


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