Zimbawe: Ruling on `unlawful` land reform to be enforced in SA

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
25 February 2010

A landmark regional ruling declaring Robert Mugabe’s land ‘reform’ programme unlawful will now be enforced in South Africa, after the High Court in Pretoria ruled that the ruling should be honoured.

Judge Garth Rabie ruled in favour of the South African commercial farmers who have been victims of Mugabe’s land grab campaign in Zimbabwe. The farmers had approached civil rights initiative AfriForum to help them get the 2008 ruling made by the human rights court of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) enforced. The same ruling, which said that land ‘reform’ was unlawful, has been openly ignored by the government, which by law is meant to adhere to the Tribunal as a SADC member state.

Justice Barack Patel last month also dismissed the SADC Tribunal ruling, refusing to register it in Zimbabwe. Justice Patel said the regional Tribunal’s ruling would have no effect in Zimbabwe because of the political upheaval reversing 10 years of land seizures would cause. He added that [continue reading]


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