South Africa: High Court Registers Zimbabwe Land Ruling

source: allAfrica
Business Day (Johannesburg)
25 February 2010

Johannesburg — Civil Rights Group AfriForum says it’s registered a High Court case in Pretoria which confirms the SADEC Tribunal against decision against the land reform programme of Zimbabwe.

The registration of the ruling in South Africa now opens the door for farmers who have been disadvantaged by the land distribution programme at last to submit claims for their losses by means of South African legal processes.

The court also confirmed a cost order of the SADEC Tribunal, which means that non-diplomatic Zimbabwean assets in South Africa are now open to seizure for the execution of the cost order.

Farmers and workers who lost property during Robert Mugabe’s land-grab can now seize property owned by the Zimbabwean government in South Africa.

The Tribunal ruled in November 2008 that [continue reading]

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