Miss Botswana scouting reaches dead end

source: BOPA
23 February, 2010

MAUN – Miss Botswana scouting crusade may only be limited to Gaborone next year as the national scouting tour has proved to be a wild goose chase with severely limited benefits to the organisers.

Miss Botswana scout team was in Maun on Saturday for the much heralded pageants auditions and once again the turnout was dismal as has been the trend in all the places around the country visited so far.

Partly Miss Botswana has to make a profit, but coming all the way here and getting two girls doesnt make sense, said Thapelo Pabalinga, Miss Botswana organiser from the 63 Entertainment.

He said scouting nationally was expensive for Miss Botswana as only few people showed up for [continue reading]


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