Africa: Air Safety Record Among World`s Worst

source: allAfrica
Business Daily (Nairobi)
Wangui Maina
23 February 2010

Africa continued to record a high rate of aircraft accidents despite 2009 recording the second lowest level of crashes globally, the International Air Transport Association has said.

Africa recorded the worst rate as accidents increased from 2.12 to 9.94 accidents per 1.4 million flights compared to the global rate that stood at one accident for every 1.4 million flights of Western built planes.

Although the continent accounts for only two per cent of global traffic, it was responsible for 26 per cent of aircraft crashes.

Poor infrastructure, poor maintenance of aircraft and lack of investment in new technologies have been identified as some of the reasons behind Africa’s poor safety record.

The 2009 rate was the second lowest in aviation history, with 2006 rate recording the least number of [continue reading]

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