Zimbabwe: `Insensitive` birthday party for Mugabe slammed

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
18 February 2010

A lavish all night celebration for Robert Mugabe’s 86th birthday is being slammed as ‘insensitive’, as the country’s civil servants remain on strike over the government’s refusal to increase its wage bill.

The event to mark Mugabe’s birthday on Sunday will be celebrated next week in Chinoyi with an extravagant overnight gala featuring local and international musicians. According to retired army general Anywhere Mutambidzi – the information ministry official organising the event – the gala will start at 6pm on February 26th and end at 6am the following morning.

“The gala will feature all major local, as well as some foreign musicians from the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa,” Mutambidzi told the state broadcaster the ZBC. It’s not known what the budget for the celebration is or who is [continue reading]


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