South Africa: Back to Land-Policy Drawing Board

source: allAfrica
Business Day (Johannesburg)
Stephan Hofstatter
18 February 2010

Johannesburg — The government plans to introduce a new draft land reform policy this year that will focus — amid severe budget constraints — on acquiring land more cheaply from whites and securing tenure rights for millions of landless blacks living on farms or peri-urban informal settlements.

The announcement, made by Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti this week, contained details for the first time of how the government plans to implement a review of land policy launched in 2005.

A new green paper would be submitted to C abinet for approval by next month before going to P arliament. This would be used as a framework for a new tenure reform law the department wants passed by March 2012.

The review will include changes to the willing buyer, willing seller model, which the department has blamed for escalating land prices and an inability to speed up [continue reading]


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