Zimbabwe: Pressure mounts on Mugabe to fully implement GPA

source: SW Radio Africa
By Tichaona Sibanda
18 February 2010

Seventeen months after the signing of the GPA between ZANU PF and the MDC formations, Zimbabweans and the international community in general have accused Mugabe and his party of not demonstrating their commitment to reform and democratic freedoms.

Analyst Clifford Mashiri told us there are lots of things that can and should be done, that would reflect a genuine change in spirit and attitude towards the implementation of the GPA.

Commenting on the fact that Mugabe finally appointed the MDC ambassadors this week, Mashiri said; ‘The appointment of ambassadors was a public relations stunt to try and sanitise his (Mugabe’s) image that has been badly shattered by the extension of targeted sanctions by the EU because they said they haven’t seen any changes on the ground. Even then the appointment of ambassadors is not enough, it’s an element of implementation but it’s a matter of too little too late.’

He added; ‘We want to see Gideon Gono and Johannes Tomana removed; that would be [continue reading]

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