Zimbabwe: Ignore EU – President

source: allAfrica
The Herald (Harare)
Published by the government of Zimbabwe
Sydney Kawadza
18 February 2010

Harare — President Mugabe yesterday called on Zimbabwe to ignore the European Union’s decision to extend illegal sanctions by another year and concentrate on exploiting the country’s vast natural resources.

Speaking to journalists after officially opening the Pan-African Tourism Investment Summit in Harare yesterday, President Mugabe said the West had always worked against the rise of developing countries.

“In Ghana they say ‘don’t mind’. We know their attitude. They do not want anyone, any country in the developing world to make any meaningful development strides.

“That attitude is more pronounced in regard to Zimbabwe.”

President Mugabe said the EU was envious of Zimba-bwe’s abundant natural resources and was scuttling efforts to [continue reading]

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