Land shortage riles Kgalagadi North farmers

source: BOPA
17 February, 2010

HUKUNTSI – The chairperson of Northern Kgalagadi Farmers Association, Mr Abel Baumake has raised concern about the shortage of farming land in their area saying that it cripples their plans to graduate into big time commercial farmers.

Mr Baumake said this when addressing the farmers in the Kgalagadi area. He said it was disappointing to note that the government had devised programs intended at improving farming in Botswana but the programs are not of benefit to the farmers in Kgalagadi since there was no land within which to implement the programs.

It is high time that the government reviews the land policy in Kgalagadi because I understand that we only have 30 percent of the community grazing land allocated to us while the remaining 70 percent is allocated for wildlife management. Therefore it is very difficult for us to implement any of the programs that require more land to [continue reading]


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