Residents say no to unaudited report

source: BOPA
16 February, 2010

PALAPYE – Tempers almost flared last Tuesday during a kgotla meeting which was called to enable the Palapye Development Trust (PDT) officials to present their report to the residents in fulfillment of an earlier agreement with the community.

The residents had then refused to accept the report in October last year after the PDTs leadership failed to produce a detailed and audited financial report aimed at facilitating the governments takeover of the Palapye Brigade.

In his address, the PDT board chairperson, Mr Vincent Maje noted that even though he acknowledged the necessity of the brigade takeover, it was crucial that all the necessary steps to this end should be in place.

Mr Maje said despite the fact that after the October meeting the next date of the meeting was not set, the board had to [continue reading]

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