Male candidates perform better than females

source: BOPA
15 February, 2010

GABORONE – The 2009 Botswana General Certificate Secondary Education (BGCSE) results are out and the number of full time students who set for the examinations was 2.97 per cent more than that of the previous year.

This translates to 31 468 candidates who sat for the examinations last year as compared to 30 560 in 2008.

Of the 31 468 students who sat for the exams, 14 028 candidates were male while 17 428 were females.

According to the examination summary report, which compares performance of students from the last five years, there is an indication that the overall performance of male candidates is better than that of females.

The report shows that for all syllabuses, 35. 94 per cent of the grades were awarded to male candidates who scored C or better, while the corresponding percentage for women was 33.78 per cent.

In the case of languages, the opposite was recorded with [continue reading]


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