Khama Rhino Sanctuary flourishes

source: BOPA
15 February, 2010

SEROWE – The Khama Rhino Sanctuary, which was set up in 1992 to facilitate re-introduction of the white and black rhinos in Botswana is doing well.

The sanctuary started of with four white rhinos and now has 30 white rhinos and four black ones.

Mr Moremi Tjibae, the chief warden and manager of the game farm, said last year that two white rhino calves were born at the sanctuary.

In 2007, one black rhino calf was born after the introduction of a male black rhino.

He stated that the sanctuarys carrying capacity for white rhinos was 30 while black rhinos was four.

When the number of rhinos exceed the sanctuarys rhino carrying capacity, we either sell them to [continue reading]


  1. Generally it’s been tough to breed these creatures (or most of the others for that matter) in some kind of captivity. I have to say that these guys are doing a fantastic job!

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