Zimbabwe government appeals court ruling

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

The Zimbabwe government is appealing a Monday court ruling in which a Magistrate’s court dropped two of the three counts that Botswana wildlife officers were facing in the country.

The officers were facing charges of entering the country illegally, smuggling a vehicle into the country, and possession of firearms and ammunition without a licence. They were fined USD100 each for illegal entry into the country, while the other charges were dropped.

The three officers were released yesterday but the vehicle and firearms were confiscated so they could be used as [continue reading]

  1. I am Zimbabwean living in England and I used to live in Harare, I must say that my country has been ruined by world’s biggest terrorist which is Mugabe, look at the exchange rate, poverty, economic conditions of Zimbabwe. When I think about it my heart really goes, I wonder why Mugabe does not let citizens of Zimbabwe decide the future of the country and also Mugabe must realize that he is in power since last 30 years his mind is getting old and he cannot think the same as young generation can think, so he must resign for the better of Zimbabweans. Thank you

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