Bushmen angry at president`s empty meeting

source: Mmegi

Hundreds of Bushmen were left angry and frustrated after President Ian Khama refused to enter into discussions with them during a meeting on Thursday.

President Khama, accompanied by four government ministers, met with Bushmen at the New Xade resettlement camp where they were dumped after being evicted from their lands in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in 2002. Despite a three year-old High Court ruling that they have the right to live in the reserve, many still languish in the camps.

Since the ruling, the government has banned the Bushmen from accessing a water borehole on their lands; without it, they struggle to [continue reading]

  1. As far as I know the High Court of Botswana issued a court

    order,allowing the Bushmen to remain on their land.

    Legally probably they are not the owners of the land because the Conveyancing law requires them to have deeds on the land.

    Never mind,they are STILL BOTSWANA ‘s citizens and Ian Khama ought to talk to them,especially if he does not want to get problems with SURVIVAL INTERNATIONAL.

    Again Ian khama shows,that he is NOT a diplomat!

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