Talks resume Monday as SA facilitation team arrive in Zimbabwe

source: SW Radio Africa
By Violet Gonda
8 February 2010

The inter-party negotiations between the political partners in government over the implementation of outstanding issues re-started on Monday evening, after being adjourned on January 21st.

One of the negotiators Welshman Ncube from the MDC-M said they had also received an invitation to a meeting with the South African facilitation team at 3pm on the same day, before the scheduled inter-party meeting which was expected to start at 6pm. Speaking before the meeting with the South Africans, Ncube told SW Radio Africa: “We don’t know what they are going to discuss or what’s going to be on the agenda because we didn’t request it. They requested it. So we presume they will control what’s on the agenda.”

According to the monitoring group Veritas, the South African facilitation team is in Harare to assess the position of the talks and report back to President Jacob Zuma ahead of a visit by him to Harare tentatively scheduled for 13th February.

Veritas quotes Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai saying: “I have said to our party representatives let’s finalise this, let’s not procrastinate ….let’s see what we have agreed and what we have not agreed….Therefore we are able to say to President Zuma and SADC that ZANU-PF is refusing to implement, and therefore as far as we are concerned the only solution is that let’s agree on a [continue reading]


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