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Police in Botswana cannot charge any person for “human trafficking” and the courts cannot adjudicate over such cases. This is because Botswana does not have legislation that acknowledges and criminalises human trafficking.

Considered as the most “mysterious,” the most difficult to investigate and the most easily overlooked criminal act by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), human trafficking could be thriving in Botswana as a result, analysts say. There have been signs that the crime is growing in Botswana. For example, in 2007 the Philippines Bureau of Immigration arrested a Motswana, Peter Lucky, who was suspected of being a member of an international human trafficking ring.

He was expelled from the country soon after his arrest and declared a prohibited immigrant. Police’s Diamond and Narcotics Squad had [continue reading]

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04 February, 2010

ADDIS ABABA – Africa needs a robust programme to eliminate hunger within the next five years as well as to develop transport and communication infrastructure in order to connect all regions in efforts to integrate the continent, says new African Union (AU) chairman and Malawian President Mr Bingu wa Mutharika.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the AU summit in Ethiopia, Mr wa Mutharika said Africa should also take urgent steps to develop energy generating capacity in order to make electricity affordable to industries and the people.

The Malawian president also urged African nations to act collectively and individually in finding solutions to the remaining political crisis in the continent.

He said there had been positive political developments in Mauritania, Guinea and Guinea Bissau to restore democracy and hope to [continue reading]