Botswana attends SADC PF`s `50 by 15 campaign`

source: Sunday Standard
by Kagiso Madibana
31.01.2010 9:12:42 P

The Southern African Development Community parliamentary Forum (SADC PF), in collaboration with UNAIDS RST, World AIDS Campaign, Soul City Institute, SAT, SAFAIDS, and HEARD recently invited parliaments and civil societies from across the SADC region for its second annual three-day workshop titled the ‘50 by 15 campaign’ which will be held in Johannesburg on Tuesday.

The’ 50 by 15” campaign, an initiative of the SADC PF since July 2009, addresses the issue of legislative and social co-operation on the Millennium Development Goals(MDGs) of 50% reduction in new infections by 2015, together with the virtual elimination of mother-to-child HIV transmission.
The workshop serves as a follow-up on the commitments and priority actions that were decided on [continue reading]

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