Predators on rampage around Serowe

source: BOPA
29 January, 2010

SEROWE – The Department of Wildlife and National Parks in Serowe region has recorded 635 livestock deaths caused by predators since the beginning of 2009 to date.

In an interview, the Regional Wildlife Officer, Mr Amos Ramokate said of the number of domestic animals killed, the predators accounted for the loss of 150 cattle, 160 calves, 90 donkeys and 25 horses as well as 210 small livestock.

Mr Ramokate explained that reports of calves and small stock being killed by the predators were relatively high and he attributed this to the fact that this group is generally defenseless.

He said lions and leopards were reported to have caused havoc in the cattle posts located in the Sandveld area near the Kalahari Game Reserve where they sneaked into the ranches and killed cattle.

Meanwhile, in other areas in the Serowe region, wild dogs, leopards and hyenas accounted for a large number of deaths in relation to [continue reading]

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