Ten more years to total food security

source: Mmegi

Botswana agriculture sector has generally been seen as a weak link for a country that is aiming to achieve economic prosperity and independence, with fingers pointed at the unfavourable climatic and soil conditions in most parts of the country while others have blamed lack of adequate investments into the sector. Statisticians say Botswana imports up to 80 percent of its food requirements, a position that is undesirable. This week Mmegi staff writer BRIAN BENZA interviewed Coordinator of the Agriculture Hub, Neil Fitt, the man who has been charged with the responsibility of turning around the country’s agricultural fortunes and quizzed him on how the hub has performed so far in its 19 months of existence

Mmegi : Maybe we should start by you highlighting on your mandate at the Agriculture Hub?

Fitt : My mandate at the Hub is basically to attain three objectives which are firstly to commercialise, diversify and lastly to create employment in the agriculture sector. That is not just on the farms it is also in the related industries which include food processing or packaging. But our main objective obviously is to [continue reading]

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