Invaded Rusape farming family in crisis

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
18 January 2010

Concerns have been raised about the welfare of a Rusape commercial farming family, barricaded inside their home by land invaders who have also cut off the farm’s electricity and water supplies.

Koos Smit and his family have faced a worsening crisis on their De Rust tobacco farm after it was invaded by a mob of youths, reportedly working for a ZANU PF official known only as Mr Mukomo. The youths were bused onto the property last Tuesday to forcibly evict the family, beating up the family’s workers as well as the twin Smit sons. The mob also threatened a news crew from the Standard newspaper, who were on the property trying to interview the workers. The news service reported this weekend how the news crew was also “at the mercy of the marauding invaders.”

“In an episode reminiscent of the violent 2000 land invasions, the group
advanced towards the news crew threatening violence,” the Standard reported.

The Smit family meanwhile has been barricaded inside their house, with no electricity or [continue reading]

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