Botswana still in `dark` despite BPC power deals

source: Sunday Standard
by John Regonamanye
14.01.2010 9:49:17 A

The country’s power utility, Botswana Power Cooperation (BPC), warned of a bumpy road towards the self sufficiency status despite signing binding agreements with regional energy giants aimed at filling up the Eskom supply gap.

Societe Nationale d’Electricite of the republic of Congo and Electricidade de Mocambique of Mozambique have entered into an agreement to jerk up electricity supply in the country.

South Africa’s Eskom, is inundated with power outages within its boundaries coupled with the power consuming soccer preparation activities.

The country, which is to host world soccer extravaganza, ceased to supply power to Botswana in December, prompting BPC to look elsewhere.
Despite striking a deal with the east African power utilities, BPC, however, paints a gloomy future to [continue reading]

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