Botswana deportee linked to failed US airline suicide bombing

source: Sunday Standard
by Reuben Pitse
14.01.2010 9:37:10 A

A cleric recently deported from Botswana on suspicions that he was recruiting young Batswana to become suicide bombers has been linked to a Nigerian youngster who tried to bomb an American airline over the Christmas holidays.

The Botswana government recently deported a Jamaican Abdullah al-Faisal, believed to have been recruiting and training young Batswana to become suicide bombers.

Abdullah al-Faisal recently grabbed international headlines when authorities in Kenya also deported him to Gambia, citing his radical Islam and links to a controversial Yemeni cleric who is also accused of having influenced a young Nigerian who attempted to blow an American airliner over Christmas.
Al-Faisal’s native Jamaica would not [continue reading]

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