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The Bank of Botswana yesterday announced that it has extended the deadline for exchange of old banknotes for new ones at commercial banks, Botswana Building Society, Botswana Savings Bank and Botswana Postal Services through their branches countrywide from December 31, 2009 to March 31, 2010.

The extension was necessitated by the realisation that in some parts of the country, particularly in remote areas, members of the public and businesses still hold significant quantities of old banknotes and are experiencing difficulties in exchanging them.

“The public is, therefore, requested to take advantage of this extension and approach the said institutions to exchange the remaining old banknotes without delay as there shall be no further extension beyond March 31, 2010.

“Furthermore, the bank wishes to remind the public that [continue reading]

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PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA Jan 13 2010 16:45

Civil rights group AfriForum on Wednesday won a court bid to sue Zimbabwe’s government over its “cruel” and revengeful” expropriation of South African-owned farms.

Speaking outside the high court in Pretoria after a ruling that the initiative could serve papers on Zimbabwe, legal representative Willie Spies said it was the first step in recognising the rights of South African citizens in the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

“I am relieved because to a large extent we played a part in developing our law. The high court has recognised the rights of parties to the SADC tribunal processes to enforce those processes within South African territory.”

In 2008 the SADC tribunal ruled that Zimbabwe’s land reform was illegal and racist, and that those who had suffered discrimination by having their farms expropriated had the right to compensation.

Spies said the South African government attempted “to a large extent” to intervene, but to little avail.

Another court date
AfriForum will on February 23 again approach the court to force Zimbabwe and South Africa to register and recognise the SADC tribunal’s ruling on [continue reading]

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14 January, 2010

KASANE – Shortage of plots for residential, business and agricultural purposes as well as the associated challenges of people selling the acquired plots, seems not be a challenge in urban and peri-urban centres only.

Chairperson of Chobe Land board, Mr Nelson Masule, says they have received more than 1 000 applications for the advertised 650 plots at Kazungula noting that last year they allocated 1 000 plots at Kazungula but that they had about 6 000 applicants.

Mr Masule also said there is land shortage at Kazungula, Lesoma and Pandamatenga because of the Chobe National Park and five forestry reserves in the district.

However, Mr Masule said the shortage of land is made worse by people who do not develop their plots as agreed, adding that [continue reading]

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14 January, 2010

PALAPYE – Palapye residents have expressed mixed feelings about the recent parliamentary debate on constitution review.

Some of the legislators have called for the amendment of some of the clauses in the Botswana Constitution during the last Parliament.

During kgotla meetings addressed by Palapye MP, Mr Moiseraele Goya, one of the residents, Mr Sentsho Malatsi said it was high time the constitution was amended so that the president and his deputy could be voted by the public.

He noted that it was not necessary for the country to have specially elected MPs and nominated councilors because the system did not promote democracy since only members of the ruling party benefited through the arrangement.

Another resident, Ms Keesi Mogano said she was totally against the amendment of [continue reading]

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Africa Confidential (London)
8 January 2010

In his New Year address, President Jacob Zuma likened 2010 to 1994, when South Africa became a democracy. To the outside world, the only big event happening in South Africa this year is the FIFA World Cup and if Zuma has his way, that is how matters will stay until the tournament is over.

The first major test will be on 9 January, the day when Zuma addresses the nation at a big rally, setting out his political stall for the year ahead. This year, the rally will be in Kimberley and attention will be focused not just on Zuma, but on how the crowd treats the bigwigs of the South African Communist Party.

Zuma will have to do more peace-brokering in the African National Congress this year. Late last year, ANC Youth League (ANCYL) President Julius ‘Juju’ Malema was booed at [continue reading]

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*Police officers have killed members of the public using service rifles

*Are members of the public safe from deranged armed officers?

*Police Chief say the SSG armoury security is tight

*Police officers doubt the trauma and depression counselling they recieve.

There is a concern over the safe keeping of guns at the Special Support Group (SSG) armoury following two fatal incidents in which weapons were smuggled out of the police camp. The guns, which were smuggled from the SSG camp, were later used to kill innocent civilians.SSG is a para-military wing of the Botswana Police Service. The highly trained members of the SSG are armed when they go on patrols. The SSG is also an anti-riot squad.

The gun smuggling first incident from the SSG Maruapula camp, occurred in [continue reading]

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14 January, 2010

FRANCISTOWN – Residents of Somerset East in Francistown have been advised to seriously take advantage of the government initiated programmes.

Addressing a kgotla meeting at Somerset East in the Francistown South constituency on Monday, the area MP, Mr Wynter Mmolotsi said such programmes are meant to empower Batswana to participate meaningfully in the development of the country.

He said government is committed to the provision of services to ensure that Batswana do not remain entirely dependent on government, but utilise available services to improve their livelihoods.

The Francistown legislator called on council leadership to team up with the area MP as working in concent would ensure smooth and timely service delivery to [continue reading]