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Lawyers warned

source: BOPA
08 January, 2010

LOBATSE – The Court of Appeal kicked off Thursday in Lobatse with Acting Judge President, Justice Nick McNally, proclaiming that late submission for heads of arguments and security for costs payment would no longer be entertained.

The judge president said delays in submission of heads of arguments put the court under undue pressure.

There is always a problem of late heads of arguments. From what I have seen in this session the attorney general office has been very good, he said.

Justice McNally lamented that in the past the court had been too forgiving with regard to payments of security for costs which made the task of preparing the roll very difficult.

From now on, no late payments will be accepted. The appeal will be dismissed in terms of Rule 20. The court will be issuing a Practice Direction in this regard, he warned.

He observed that the roll was not only affected by [continue reading]

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
08 January 2010

A London based mining firm, which holds the legal rights to mine the Chiadzwa diamond fields, has warned international diamond traders that any stones bought from the controversial mining site are ‘stolen goods’.

African Consolidated Resources (ACR), which is in the middle of an ownership wrangle with the government over the Chiadzwa claim, was reacting to a planned auction of an estimated 60kgs of diamonds from Chiadzwa. The sale was abandoned on Thursday amid revelations that the international diamond trade monitor, the Kimberley Process, plus government officials, had not been properly informed.

ACR’s Chief Executive, Andrew Cranswick, said any buyers who purchased the precious stones would be liable to arrest because they would have bought ‘stolen goods’. ACR holds the legal right of title to the claim that was seized by the government in October 2006 and allocated to the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC). The government also seized considerable quantities of diamonds from ACR but was last year ordered by the High Court to return the diamonds to the UK firm. The court also upheld ACR’s right of title to Chiadzwa in a court judgment that the government is now [continue reading]

source: BOPA
08 January, 2010

MAUN – Heavy rains that fell on Tuesday night in Maun caused some delays to the opening hours of three main shops, namely Ackermans, Delta Spar and Pep Store at the Old Mall.

Delta Spar manager Rajat Johri said their flooded supermarket had to open two hours late at 10 a.m because they had to remove water inside the shop as early as six in the morning on Wednesday, while Ackermans manager Mash Ben said they had to open at 12 midday.

The Spar and Ackermans managers said water got through the back doors behind the complexs delivery area.

Business stopped as we could not trade because a lot of clothes were damaged in the filled storeroom where the water initially entered, he added.

She however said the clothing items in the shop were safe, but will identify and donate those in the storeroom to destitute people in the village. Spar Manager Johri said the drain at the back of the complex was blocked hence forcing the rain water to get into the stores through the [continue reading]

source: News24
2010-01-08 22:58

Kimberley – The country needs a strong tripartite alliance led by the ANC, President Jacob Zuma said at a gala dinner in Kimberley on Friday.

“We continue to work together as alliance partners to further the goals of both the movement and its government,” he told businessmen, diplomats and ANC leadership at a hall, bedecked with the ANC’s black, green and gold, in Galeshewe, Kimberley.

“Do not be troubled by what appears to be turbulence at times,” he said as the packed hall applauded.

The ANC’s anniversary celebration comes barely a month after an SA Communist Party conference in which the party’s youth league president Julius Malema and [continue reading]