Africa: Climate Change – the Zambia Story

source: allAfrica
United Nations Development Programme (New York)
5 January 2010

In Zambia, any change in climate can spell disaster. With a majority of Zambians depending on agriculture, even a slight change in temperature can affect crops like maize with catastrophic consequences for livelihoods.

In the village of Lusitu, in the south of Zambia, the returns from farming have diminished due to severe droughts. According to Eva Chipepo, a local villager, “rainfall is insufficient to give us a good crop yield” and “wild animals have started to wander in the fields”, further destroying crops. Another Lusitu resident confirms that life has become more difficult. “In the past”, he says, “we were able to find solutions to whatever challenges we were faced with. Rivers never ran dry.”

With more frequent droughts, but also floods, says Catherine Namugala, Minister of Tourism and Environment, “the government must look for resources to provide relief to the people”. The country was already struggling to [continue reading]

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