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source: BOPA
18 December, 2009

FRANCISTOWN – Lands and housing minister, Mr Nonofo Molefhi the envisaged installment purchase scheme would only focus on people who are not able to obtain housing loans from commercial banks.

The scheme would target low income groups and other special categories of beneficiaries deserving assistance, Mr Molefhi said in an interview after he toured Botswana Housing Corporation (BHC) projects in Francistowns Gerald Estate recently.

The target group will be the low-income upper as well as middle-income lower groups whose incomes range between P3 000-P7 000 per month.

This represents a category of home seekers who are above the threshold of the SHHA scheme and are below the existing BHC target and have difficulties securing loans to either build or buy houses, Also, Mr Molefhi said the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning will soon introduce a law that [continue reading]

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Choppies Group chairman Faruk Ishmael has said that after the recent opening of a store in Pitsane, five new supermarkets are coming up across the country.

In the next few months, Choppies intends to open more supermarkets in Serowe, Tonota, Francistown, Tsabong and Tutume. Ishmael said that each store will gobble about P6 million in equipment purchases only. He explained that it would be a fallacy to assume that the Choppies Group is more interested in generating profit than meeting the ever-changing market needs hence its programme to open up more outlets in the country in the next few months.

He said that the Choppies in Pitsane has created 65 employment opportunities for Batswana and about P12 million has been spent on equipment and [continue reading]

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Dec 17 2009 16:33

Johannesburg – The protracted sale of semi-state owned IT services provider arivia.kom to T-Systems SA has finally been concluded.

In a statement on Thursday, ICT services provider T-Systems SA said it had officially signed a deal that had sealed the sale.

“As part of the agreement, T-Systems SA will acquire 100% of the shareholding in arivia.kom, previously owned by state-owned enterprises (SOEs) Eskom and Transnet while simultaneously taking over the IT service contracts for both SOEs for a contract period of five years.”

Eskom owned 58.5% of arivia.kom, while Transnet had been in possession of a 41.5% stake of the company.

In 2006, Eskom and Transnet embarked on a strategic restructuring process with the objective of disposing non-core business, which included their [continue reading]

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18 December, 2009

MOCHUDI – The government takeover of brigades is the beginning of a journey towards a transformed technical and vocational education landscape in Botswana.

Dr Theophilius Mooko, deputy permanent secretary, ministry of education and skills development, said Tuesday during the occasion to mark governments takeover of Kgatleng Brigade Development Trust.

Dr Mooko said their ultimate goal was to transform the technical and vocational education landscape so that institutions would be better placed to contribute to skills and national developments.

The deputy permanent secretary also said the availability of skilled individuals provided a good base for attracting foreign investment, adding that the nation would do well if it had a large pool of skilled individuals.

He further said the brigades and technical colleges needed to play a critical role of [continue reading]

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Staff Writer

Last year, President Ian Khama intensified his war against drinking by slapping a punitive levy on liquor and the introduction of a raft of other anti-alcohol measures.

But currently the campaign sounds against the effects of alcohol abuse reads like a Stephen King horror novel. “Alcohol abuse is known to damage nearly every organ in the human body!” screams one of the ‘facts’ bandied about in the campaign. “Alcohol abuse contributes to more than 60 known diseases and conditions including cancers, cardiovascular diseases, liver cirrhosis etc,” says another.

But has Botswana always been a nation of drunkards? In his book, Building a Nation, Jeff Ramsay says that before the coming of the Europeans, Batswana brewed traditional beer (bojalwa ja Setswana/mokuru), which was of low potency. The beer was strictly for older men who [continue reading]