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The current Botswana passport will be in use till December 2011 when the government will start to replace them with the recently introduced e-passport. “After 2011, all applicants will be issued with the new e-passport.

All people whose passports have expired after 2010 will have to apply for e-passport and pay an application fee of P260,” Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs spokesperson, Letso Mpho, said yesterday. President Ian Khama and cabinet ministers have already been issued with e-passports. Mpho said the P260 charge is a subsidised price as production costs for the travel document are much higher. The lifespan of the e-passport is 10 years, while those aged below 16 will hold the document for five years. Replacing a new passport will cost P1,000.

The e-passport is expected to be [continue reading]

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Dec 17 2009 22:33 Evan Pickworth

Johannesburg – The up-tick in inflation at the factory gate in November was largely due to base effects, with this turnaround indicative of a shock to come in May and June as even lower bases start to pull the number higher technically and unprecedented energy price increases feed through.

“We expect a large shock to PPI from May/June onwards after the Eskom price hikes. These increases could have much of the same effect on PPI as the basic metal increases (45.3%) in May 2008, especially if one considers the fact that the electricity component of PPI carries an even heavier weight in the PPI basket,” said economist from Efficient Group, Merina Willemse.

A source close to the data told I-Net Bridge that the high base of last year had played a big role, especially when it came to the petroleum and coal component. He explained this impact by saying that there was a 12% difference between the y/y components in this category between October and November. Products of petroleum and [continue reading]

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18 December, 2009

GABORONE – Punitive actions should be taken against tourism operators who subject Batswana to misery and humiliation, Gaborone West South MP, Mr Botsalo Ntuane has said.

When making his contribution in Parliament on the Tourism Bill, Mr Ntuane said some operators were inclined to racism and it was upon the government to address this problem.

He further noted that Batswana should be at the forefront of the sector by owning blue chip tourists places. Perhaps we should do more to promote the image of the country in a positive way.

Furthermore, he said some government policies were unfriendly towards domestic tourism adding that such policies have even driven Batswana to South Africa for domestic tourism.

We need to appreciate that there is domestic tourism and some of these stringent regulations are [continue reading]

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The declaration of assets and liabilities by Cabinet ministers to the President does not serve any public good, according to observers.

Government recently announced that a new system has been put in place to have Cabinet members declare their interests, assets and liabilities to President Ian Khama.
However, critics argue that the measure will not help improve accountability, transparency and the fight against corruption.

“It does not serve any purpose to have the ministers declare their assets and interests to the President. What does the President do with that information?” argues Peter Tshukudu of Ditshwanelo, the Botswana Centre for Human Rights.

Tshukudu argues that Cabinet, including the President, should make their declarations to [continue reading]

CIC defers projects

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18 December, 2009

PARLIAMENT – Developers of Mmamabula Energy Project, CIC Energy, have deferred certain activities pending conclusion of integrated resource plan (IRP) undertaken by the South African government.

The IRP, adopted after the introduction of new electricity regulations on generation capacity, provided guidelines for Eskom, (the South African power authority) to purchase power from independent power producers (IPPs) such as CIC Energy.

Briefing Parliament on Wednesday, the Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, Mr Ponatshego Kedikilwe said, unfortunately, for Mmamabula Energy Project, the first IRP (IRP1) released recently by the South African minister of energy has excluded the project as it runs from April 2010 to March 2013.

Mmamabula is to be commissioned in 2014, hence the decision by CIC Energy to defer some projects while it waits for [continue reading]