D-Day looms for prepaid mobile phone subscribers

source: Sunday Standard
by Morula Morula
13.12.2009 7:13:16 P

Botswana Telecommunications Authority (BTA) has expressed disappointment that only a fraction of pre-paid mobile subscribers have registered their simcards despite the looming December 31 deadline.

The telecom regulator’s Public Relations Officer Twobar Koontse told Sunday Standard this week that only 15% of mobile phone users in the country have up to now registered.

“I have worked out the 15% from the numbers I got on 31 October and do not think there has been much change from then though mobile phone companies have told me about users who have registered their phones,” he said.

Koontse warned subscribers that there will be no extension for registration date end of this month saying subscribers were given more time than in other countries where similar exercise is taking place.

“To be precise, we have given them 15 months, which is three months more than a [continue reading]

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