Khama defends Sinvula nomination

source: BOPA
11 December, 2009

KASANE – President Lt Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama has told Chobe residents that the nomination of Kgosi Moffat Sinvula of Mabele to Ntlo ya Dikgosi was based on his capabilities.

Addressing a kgotla meeting in Pandamatenga, General Khama said he was not looking at geographical locations when he nominated Kgosi Sinvula.

The President was responding to complaint from a resident who told the meeting that the office of the district commissioner had not responded to the letter they had written on the issue.

The residents had written a letter to the district commissioner querying the appointment of Kgosi Sinvula and Kgosi Mmualefhe Mmualefhe from Chobe enclave west to [continue reading]

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