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source: BOPA
11 December, 2009

LERALA – The 100km Palapye/Martins Drift Road is not in good condition, despite being a popular route for tourists and other migrants from South Africa.

The road has many potholes while grass and shrubs have overgrown, obscuring road signs and drivers also find it difficult to see oncoming vehicles.

Some of such areas are veterinary gates along the road.

The signs warning motorists to reduce speed now, which are about 500m from the gates have been obscured by the bushes and that poses a risk to veterinary officers working at the gates.

The gates do not have reflectors and therefore are not visible at night. Consequently, the gates are always hit by motorists.

On the other hand, the bushes are so thick that it is difficult for drivers to notice stray livestock. Compounding the situation is that [continue reading]

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

The Commissioner of Police, Thebeyame Tsimako says the use of illegal arms in criminal activities has increased in Botswana.

In a report released recently, he says the development calls for a review of penalties contained in the Arms and Ammunition Act to be compliant with the Southern African Development Committee (SADC) Protocol and to the approved Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in the region. “Due to the pending amendment of the legislation, implementation to the approved SADC SOP is not possible,” the report says. It stated that there is a pressing need for the introduction of a database to document legally owned firearms at the police Central Arms Registry. “This will assist in the investigation of crime and monitoring of permits and licences. The absence of a database means that verification of licences is not up to date and time consuming to reply to [continue reading]

source: The Botswana Gazette
Written by AUBREY LUTE
Tuesday, 08 December 2009 09:34

Observers say it is not enough

Political observers say it is not enough for Cabinet ministers to declare their assets and liabilities only to the President. They say declaration should be public that is when it will serve its purpose of curbing corruption. Recent statements by some Ministers that they have declared their assets to President Lt. Gen. Ian Khama have reignited the debate on the disclosure of assets and liabilities by public officers that was abandoned when Cabinet declared a few years ago that it would rather opt for a code of ethics for Ministers and MPs.

The Member of Parliament for Gaborone West South, Mr. Botsalo Ntuane, told The Gazette in an interview that the declaration of assets by Ministers to the President was usual practice and [continue reading]