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source: Mmegi
Staff Writers

Security agents have allegedly shot another man, this time in broad daylight at noon yesterday.

The shooting occurred in a precinct of Gaborone, Block 3 Industrial Estate.

According to an eye-witness account, four men driving in a Toyota Corolla were suddenly blocked by a Mitsubishi Pajero in front of a Wesbank office in Block 3. Security agents allegedly jumped out of the Pajero station wagon and fired into the men’s sedan through the window on the driver’s side, wounding him seriously.

When the Mmegi team arrived on the scene, a crowd of onlookers had gathered as three men stood by the Sedan whose interior was covered in blood – especially the driver’s seat and the floor just inside the driver’s door – while security agents in dark glasses walked about. Shattered glass was strewn over the driver’s seat and [continue reading]

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
10 December 2009

A leading advocacy group has this week announced it has enough evidence to warrant the prosecution of Robert Mugabe and members of his ZANU PF party for crimes against humanity.

This evidence, including more than 70 sworn affidavits of survivors and witnesses of systematic rape campaigns led by ZANU PF in 2008, is detailed in a hard hitting report by AIDS-Free World, an advocacy group based in America. The 64 page report (Electing to Rape: Sexual Terror in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe) documents 380 rapes committed by 241 perpetrators, all ZANU PF members who identified themselves to their victims. All the women targeted in the attacks were supporters of Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC party, during last year’s turbulent election period which saw ZANU PF unleash violent attacks on MDC supporters.

Co-director of AIDS-Free World, and a former United Nations special envoy on HIV/AIDS, Stephen Lewis, told SW Radio Africa that the evidence contained in the report is ‘incontrovertible’ and ‘unassailable’.

“Mugabe believes he can sanction rape without fear of consequences and he has used this tactic as a weapon to successfully stay in power,” Lewis explained on Thursday. “Zimbabwe, for this reason, is the biggest test for ending impunity for [continue reading]

source: The Botswana Gazette
Friday, 11 December 2009 00:00

Supply under stress, as power crisis looms
Deficit ranges from 0-150MW during peak hours – BPC

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources Gabaake Gabaake has stated that the country is in negotiations with South Africa not to reduce its power supply

in 2010 and continue providing 350 MW to Botswana.Botswana needs 500 MW of electricity but its capacity remains well below the demand. If South Africa went ahead and reduced the supply to the country it means Botswana will only have 420 MW from the required 500 MW. Botswana can only produce between 90 and 120 MW at Morupule and will receive 250 MW of electricity from South Africa, while the other 50 MW comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo.
It is expected that the country will receive another 70 MW from the diesel powered generator which is currently being installed at Matshelagabedi. Gabaake explained that the diesel powered generator is expected to come online by the end of December 2009.
In September APR Energy, an international provider of temporary power, signed a contract with the Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) for the supply of a [continue reading]

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

As Mmegi photojournalist Kabo Mpaetona prepared to take a shot of the scene where security agents suspected of being the Directorate of Intelligence Services (DIS) officers shot a man yesterday, an officer in dark glasses attempted to grab his camera.

It was a perfect setting for a photojournalist. The suspects were now subdued, standing behind their Corolla sedan. A number of men in dark glasses walked about controlling the crowd of bystanders. A pool of blood and splattered glass was on the spot where the driver of the sedan must have been. The body of the man who had been driving the sedan was nowhere to be found.

“Ha o ka tsaya senepe o tlaa diragalelwa ke dilo tse di hakgamatsang. Hela ha o tswa ha,” the officer said and attempted to take the camera from the grip of the photographer. The photographer moved his equipment away, blocking his assailant with [continue reading]

source: BOPA
11 December, 2009

FRANCISTOWN – Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment Wildlife and Tourism (MEWT), Mr Edmont Moabi has called on officials in his ministry to avoid unnecessary delays and overspending.

Addressing the six departments that fall under his ministry in the north, Mr Moabi said in some instances, civil servants seemed to be impatient with customers.

The public is complaining that civil servants are not performing to their expectation and you could prove them wrong if you avoid unnecessary delays, he said.

He pleaded with his audience that whenever there was unavoidable delay, they must always explain to customers.

Mr Moabi said employees must set themselves targets, adding that everyone must sign Perfomance Development Plans because they [continue reading]