Zambia: Media Face Beatings and Attacks

source: allAfrica
Inter Press Service (Johannesburg)
Kelvin Kachingwe
10 November 2009

Lusaka — When journalists were beaten by political supporters for covering the president’s return trip from abroad, and cabinet ministers and police officers looked on without stopping it, it seemed to be the last straw in the victimisation of the media. But it was not.

Despite the outcry that resulted after the incident, it seems as if the media in Zambia are still not free to work without the risk of being attacked by disgruntled political supporters.

The Zambian media have always had a dodgy relationship with politicians, depending on whether they are in government or opposition, but never before have the attacks been so intense and frequent.

Last month journalists from both the public and private press had to scamper for their safety when political cadres stormed the Zambia Institute of Mass Communication (Zamcom), where [continue reading]

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