Consortium brings cheaper internet connectivity to Botswana

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

The much-anticipated undersea fibre optic cable linking Africa to Europe is expected to bring cheaper internet connectivity to Botswana before the end of the year after a local consortium clinched a $38 million deal with wholesale bandwidth provider Seacom.

Abari Communications, a majority citizen-owned consortium said its bandwidth deal is five times bigger than the current capacity in the country. The company said the increased capacity will result in high speed internet and a drastic reduction in costs.

“The prices will gradually go down because we use an open system model, whereby we offer the same price to all internet service operators,” Abari Communications managing director, Neo Nwako said after the launch of [continue reading]

  1. Tony Ballentine

    What is happening to the ADSL connection, Serowe has been almos dead (25kbps) since 23/02/10 – it is not just one service provider but all of them, so must be Telecoms – do what you like you can’t get a response from them.

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