Zimbabwe: Government denies Mugabe is in poor health

source: SW Radio Africa
By Lance Guma
26 August 2009

Un-named government officials have rubbished reports that Robert Mugabe missed the burial of the late nationalist Richard Hove because he was unwell and had flown to Dubai for treatment. “The president is not sick but was away on holiday. He returned home yesterday (Tuesday), and those reports are a load of rubbish that we get from sick and evil minds,” Reuters news agency quoted the official saying. The presence of Mugabe’s urologist in Dubai, Awang Kechik, fuelled suspicion he was there to check up on the ZANU PF leader. Kechik is normally based in Malaysia. A few years ago Mugabe suffered a prostrate cancer scare but it was never known whether the cells turned out to be ‘benign’ or cancerous.

Mugabe did return home on Tuesday and his party officials began issuing denials that he was not in poor health. “He took his children on a week’s holiday before schools open next week. He does this every year. He’s back in the country,” another official was quoted as saying. Mugabe’s health remains a closely guarded secret and it would be unlikely any of his close aides would admit he is [continue reading]

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