Khama`s neutralisation plans in BDP take shape

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

FRANCISTOWN: President Ian Khama is reportedly succeeding in his plans to neutralise the Kedikilwe-Kwelagobe faction in the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP).

Though the faction took control of the party after winning all elective posts at the Kanye congress recently, Khama has been calling the shots ever since. At the first meeting of the new BDP Central Committee on Monday, the President once again asserted himself when all the unilateral decisions and actions he has taken were ratified with little dissent.

To make matters worse, the Central committee rubber-stamped Khama’s decision to allocate top officials to man regions without consultation. The President has [continue reading]

  1. Ian Khama learned:

    You do not fight your adverseries…you WIN them and make

    them to LOVE YOU!

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