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Botswana has another case of AH1N1 influenza virus, public health director Shenaaz El Halabi has announced.

She stated in Gaborone yesterday that a Motswana man was last Friday confirmed to have contracted the AH1N1 influenza virus, commonly known as Swine flu. The case comes a few days after the first case was reported in Botswana.

El Halabi said that the second case concerns a man who had visited a country that has confirmed cases of the virus. When he arrived he later went to a hospital as he was not feeling well and later had his samples sent to South Africa where results indicated that he had the virus. The patient however recovered after he [continue reading]

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2009/07/16 06:55:00 PM

Johannesburg – The European Investment Bank (EIB) has loaned the state-owned South African Roads Agency €120m (R1.37bn) to help fund the upgrade of roads in the country, the EIB said on Thursday.

The national roads agency, Sanral, plans to spend R24bn over the next five years to improve road networks, particularly around industrial hub Johannesburg.

The EIB said the loan was for the upgrade and extension of two key toll roads.

“The projects are of strategic importance to South Africa’s transport infrastructure, and are part of an ongoing programme by the national authorities to upgrade and extend the road network,” it said in a [continue reading]

source: Mmegi
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Khama or DK?

.BDP constitution is silent l Practice is that the party chairman chairs congress
.BDP secretariat says the president will chair this time

A few days before the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) congress questions abound as to who between the party chairman Daniel Kwelagobe and party President Ian Khama is to chair the congress in Kanye.

In an interview yesterday, BDP executive secretary Dr Comma Serema said Khama, as party president, has the powers to chair the congress. Constitutionally, as party president, Khama is the overseer and chairman of the congress, he [continue reading]

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
16 July 2009

A beleaguered Chegutu farmer, whose farm has been over run by land invaders working for a top ZANU PF official, has lashed out at the government for repeatedly denying that the current wave of land invasions are happening.

Ben Freeth from Mount Carmel Farm has relentlessly tried to hang on to the land that even the human rights court of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) has ruled rightfully belongs to his family. Freeth’s father-in-law Mike Campbell, who he co-owns the land with, led the legal challenge in the SADC tribunal against the government last year. Campbell, and the more than 70 farmers who joined the case, walked away victorious with a ruling that declared the land ‘reform’ programme essentially discriminatory. The government was ordered to protect the farmer’s right to their land, and make compensation to those who had lost land.

But SADC has been openly defied, and the renewed offensive against the [continue reading]