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source: Sunday Standard
by Angela Mdlalani
12.07.2009 9:29:31 A

The Ministry of Health (MoH) on Friday informed the media of the first confirmed case of the A (H1N1) influenza, generally referred to as Swine Flu 2009.

The Director of Public Health, Sheenaz El Halabi, said that the MoH received the results from the laboratory in South Africa this morning.

“We sent the specimen on the seventh of this month for testing and it was today, this morning, that we received the laboratory confirmation,” she said.

She said that the individual is a 49-year-old Motswana male who is [continue reading]

source: Republic of Botswana (11/7/09) TAUTONA TIMES no 18 of 2009
The Weekly Electronic Press Circular of the Office of the President
Democracy, Development, Dignity and Discipline

D1a) 8/7/09: Press Statement: OP denies chartering jet for foreign visit.

This Office notes with dismay a report in one of today’s newspapers [i.e. “Khama Hires a Jet” in Botswana Gazette of 8/7/09] in which it is falsely claimed that H.E. the President has chartered a jet from a Canadian jet manufacturing company, Bombardier, for use in foreign trips such as his recent Official Visit to Singapore.

We are also concerned that the same report misleadingly insinuates that millions are thus being used to charter aircraft for foreign trips and its publication of the further unsubstantiated claim that some unnamed “officials in government believe Bombardier is raking in a lot of money from Botswana as a result of the delayed delivery of anew Presidential jet.”

For the record, this Office can reassure the public that no such charter or payments have been made.

In fact, Bombardier provided a jet free of charge for use by His Excellency’s delegation to Singapore, as a result of the company’s failure to meet its delivery deadline.

We further observe that, far from “raking in a lot of money”, the same company, in accordance with its contractual obligations, is actually being made to pay penalty fees for each day it fails to meet the said deadline.

Finally, this Office is of the firm view that an understandable inability of public officials to at all times conform to various newspapers own deadlines does not in any way absolve the press from its professional obligation to at all times ensure that what is published is accurate; much less provide media practitioners with a license to embellish and distort such information as has been availed to them.

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

The Ntlo ya Dikgosi (House of Chiefs) gave the nod to the Constitutional Amendment Bill seeking to double the number of Specially Elected MPs to eight yesterday after a debate with regional undertones. Members of the House from the southern part of the country fought hard to reject the bill. However, a majority of members from the Central District and far north, supported the proposed law.

The Ntlo ya Dikgosi (House of Chiefs) gave the nod to the Constitutional Amendment Bill seeking to double the number of Specially Elected MPs to eight yesterday after a debate with regional undertones. Members of the House, from the southern part of the country, led by paramounct chiefs Mosadi Seboko of Balete, Seepapitso IV of Bangwaketse, Kgari Sechele III of Bakwena, Letlamoreng Montshiwa of Gaborone, Puso Gaborone of Batlokwa and Kgosi Ledimo fought hard to reject the bill saying there was no need to increase the number of [continue reading]

source: Mmegi

Just a few days before the party’s grand congress the feud between President Ian Khama and Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) chairman Daniel Kwelagobe has been taken to the corridors of the National Assembly.

Perhaps an indication that he no longer wants Kwelagobe, Khama on Wednesday announced through the party Secretariat that Kwelagobe be replaced by Vice President Mompati Merafhe as chairman of the party’s Parliamentary Caucus.

Sensing that it was a political blunder Khama retreated on the same day and announced that the decision to replace Kwelagobe as chairman of the Caucus had been rescinded.

According to insiders, there was never a caucus meeting to [continue reading]

source: Sunday Standard
by Sunday Standard Reporter
12.07.2009 9:28:46 A

President Lt Gen Ian Khama made a dramatic climb-down on Friday and went back on his earlier position that he would not work with Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Chairman, Daniel Kwelagobe, should they both be re-elected to the party leadership position at a national congress due in eight days.

Khama this week appeared to be toning down his attack on Kwelagobe when he told a meeting of Botswana Democratic Party structures for the Southern Region held in Kanye on Friday that he never threatened to resign from the presidency if Kwelagobe were re-elected party chairman and that he was prepared to [continue reading]

source: Sunday Standard
by Gowenius Toka
12.07.2009 9:24:07 A

Consensual sex involving two adults of the same sex could soon cease to be a criminal offence in Botswana. That is if international legal practice should offer basis for reference.

A landmark ruling, last week by India’s New Delhi Highest Court that Section 377 of that country’s constitution be scrapped as it criminalized gay sex, and ‘indeed, anything other than heterosexual vaginal intercourse in India’, has set tongues wagging.

Even though the ruling applies to India’s capital city, it has far reaching implications for both India’s national law and, further afield, it gives [continue reading]

source: Republic of Botswana (11/7/09) TAUTONA TIMES no 18 of 2009
The Weekly Electronic Press Circular of the Office of the President
Democracy, Development, Dignity and Discipline

D2) 8/7/09: Response to 3/7/09 Mail & Guardian article “Draughts of Change”

The 3 July 2009 edition of your newspaper carries an article (Draughts of change”), critiquing what it describes as the Government of Botswana’s “implementation of its draconian 30% alcohol levy”.

The same article makes additional dubious claims, e.g. the alcohol tax “is driving locals to drink” and that Windhoek Lager “is the cheapest mainstream beer in the country because it is brewed over the border” (conveniently ignoring the fact that the levy is applied to all alcoholic beverages sold in the country).

The simple fact of the matter is that the use of alcohol specific taxes to curb consumption and [continue reading]

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

Acceleration of the diversification of the economy will be the strategic thrust of development policy in the National Development Plan (NDP) 10. This is because the global economic crisis has created the need to broaden revenue streams, government has said.

Presenting the draft NDP 10 in Parliament on Monday, acting Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Keletso Rakhudu said that although diversification has been part of the economic policy for many years, the anticipated reduction in government revenues from diamonds in the long term has seen government placing greater emphasis on the programme.

“Further diversification requires accelerated efforts to reduce constraints on private growth,” he said. Unlike the previous National Development Plans, which [continue reading]

source: Republic of Botswana (11/7/09) TAUTONA TIMES no 18 of 2009
The Weekly Electronic Press Circular of the Office of the President
Democracy, Development, Dignity and Discipline

D5) 2/7/09: BEAC Report now online

The Government Implementation Coordination Office (GICO) in the Office of the President wishes to inform members of the public that the BUSINESS and ECONOMIC ADVISORY COUNCIL (BEAC) Strategy document on ‘Botswana Excellence: A Strategy for Economic Diversification and Sustainable Growth’ is available free online at the following URL:

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

Botswana Export Development and Investment Authority (BEDIA) is confident that despite the global downturn which has dried up liquidity needed for trading, it will reach its targets of netting P60 million in business transactions and increase exhibitors to 250 at this year’s Global Expo Botswana (GEB).

Briefing the media on Tuesday, about this year’s business to business trade exhibition, BEDIA chief executive officer, Dorcus Makgato-Malesu said she was optimistic about reaching the targets, which include 6,000 visitors as compared to 4,000 visitors who attended last year’s fair.

“This is an opportunistic figure (P60 million) especially when the market is a little bit cold, but we believe we can reach our target,” she said. This year, Global Expo will be held on 4-7 November and [continue reading]

source: Fin24
2009/07/12 08:35:00 AM André le Roux
Jul 12 2009 08:35

L’Aquila, Italy – “There’s nothing to be worried about.”

With these words President Jacob Zuma on Friday threw cold water over the controversy on the possible nationalisation of mines in South Africa.

With evident reference to ANC youth leader Julius Malema’s contention that the state should take over mines, Zuma said: “No-one makes policy from the floor; the ANC does not work like that.”

“It’s a point of debate, that’s all. The outcome of this debate and the implications that it will hold for ANC policy will be determined by how the debate proceeds,” Zuma continued.

With regard to the G8 summit that ended on Friday, Zuma noted that [continue reading]

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

The Evaluation Services Team-Botswana (BEST) has recommended that the proposed Loan/Grant Scheme (LGS) of the Department of Student Placement and Welfare (DSPW) of the Ministry of Education and Skills Development must be governed by an Act of Parliament.

The Ministry of Education through its department of tertiary education financing, engaged a consultancy to review the grant/loan scheme, which has been operating since 1995 without any review. The consultancy-BEST- will also recommend a new direction in the areas of critical human resource for the economy and the award of government sponsorships and recovery of student loans.

In their second draft report that was presented to the ministry, the researchers, led by [continue reading]

source: Sunday Standard
by Morula Morula
12.07.2009 9:28:02 A

The Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Education, Nomsa Zuze, has denied reports that, in the coming academic year, they will only sponsor students who graduated in 2008, and not those who had to upgrade their grades through correspondence or those who qualified in foreign countries.

Zuze said that the ministry had budgeted for a total of 8885 students for the coming academic year and that the number includes all the students who have qualified and that it was not true that they will not sponsor students who have had to upgrade [continue reading]