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DiamondCorp said last week it has reached agreement with a Botswana exploration company, Geoperspectives, to earn a 77.5 percent interest in three diamond exploration licences in the country.

According to a company statement, DiamondCorp has entered into an agreement with Geoperspectives to earn a 77.5 percent stake in three licences.

DiamondCorp would earn a controlling stake by completing a definite feasibility study within five years.

An initial work programme for the Botswana JV areas was being prepared.

Meanwhile, DiamondCorp reported that the commissioning process at its Lace mine had yielded 1, 533.95 ct of gem quality diamonds, including a [continue reading]

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By Tichaona Sibanda
30 June 2009

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai announced on Tuesday that the government had managed to secure US$950 million in credit lines from China, to help rebuild the country. Zimbabwe needs an estimated $8-$10 billion to rebuild the destroyed infrastructure and to ease the 90 percent unemployment rate.

Briefing journalists and diplomats in Harare, Tsvangirai said during his recent tour to Europe and the United States he also managed to raise over $US500 million, which will go towards the provision of basic services such as health and education.

The Prime Minister said the amount of assistance that was raised on his visit does not reflect the enormous support the government will be able to utilise, if they manage to fulfil all political obligations.

‘In every country, each leader I met expressed reservations about the [continue reading]

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At least 50 officers from the Local Police have been identified as having previous criminal convictions and will not be absorbed in the Botswana Police Service (BPS) as the merger between the two security services continue.

The Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Dikgakgamatso Seretse told Parliament yesterday that the officers were part of the 1,786 local policemen and women who were recently fingerprinted. He said the merger process is expected to be complete by the end of August.

Seretse was answering a question from the MP for Gaborone South, Akanyang Magama who wanted him to brief Parliament on progress made on the merger between the two police forces. The minister said that 71 Local Police officers are currently attending a four-week orientation programme before joining the [continue reading]

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World Bank (Washington, DC)
30 June 2009
press release

Washington, DC — A new report from the World Bank Group finds that access to affordable, high quality internet and mobile phone services enables development across all levels of the economy and society.

Information and Communications for Development 2009: Extending Reach and Increasing Impact takes an in-depth look at how ICT impacts economic growth in developing countries. The report finds that for every 10 percentage-point increase in high speed Internet connections there is an increase in economic growth of 1.3 percentage points. It also identifies the mobile platform as the single most powerful way to reach and deliver public and private services to hundreds of millions of people in remote and rural areas across the developing world.

“Internet users in developing countries increased tenfold from 2000 to 2007, and there are now over four billion mobile phone subscribers in [continue reading]

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I am a scrap metal dealer based on the northern part of this country. I have realised that for us Batswana to survive in this business, it would be advisable for the government to regulate scrap metal prices.

My reason being that we are given a raw deal by the local buyers here especially one group which has even made it impossible for other companies to cross into South Africa and sell their scrap metal.

They literally run the South African side of the Boarder. These guys sell the scrap to Mitall Steel in South Africa as they have collection points in all major cities in South Africa. Prices are reduced at the drop at will without even giving Botswana any notice. If prices are to be dropped say next week, we are told that the price drops on the same week. We are then forced to sell our scrap metal at low prices whilst in fact, the price would drop the [continue reading]

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Staff Writer

Negotiations on ACP-EU interim Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) have not supported the existing regional integration initiatives, a top European Union (EU) official has admitted.

Speaking at the three-day and 10th regional seminar of the ACP-EU economic and social interest groups, president of the follow-up committee of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) Luca Jahier said that the EU was aware of the conflict that has arisen within the different regional groupings. But it must be remembered that the interim EPAs are only a [continue reading]

source: Sunday Standard\by Obusitse Kologwe
28.06.2009 6:04:46 P

The Botswana Housing Corporation Chief Executive Officer, Reginald Motswaiso, has revealed that his corporation will, during NDP 10, build more houses from its own resources to address the pressing issue of shortage of accommodation.

Giving a key note address at a ceremony during which BHC was handing over 26 housing units to the Ministry of Lands and Housing in Tonota, Motswaiso said that BHC had set a target delivery of 29 191 houses, spread throughout Botswana, during the course of NDP 10.
Information reaching The Sunday Standard indicates that the project, which will be funded by BHC, will be spread out in two phases.

In the first phase, BHC will deliver over 10 000 housing units throughout the country within a period of three years. The second phase, which will cover [continue reading]

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2009/06/30 10:26:00 PM

Cape Town – All cellphone SIM cards will have to be registered in terms of legislation coming into effect on Wednesday.

The Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Amendment Act (Rica) aims to help law enforcement agencies investigate and combat serious crime, Justice Minister Jeff Radebe said on Tuesday.

It would ensure that the identity and whereabouts of the owner of a SIM card who uses a cellphone in planning and executing a serious crime was known, he told a media briefing at parliament.

Cellphone service providers would, from July 1, be prohibited from activating a new SIM card unless [continue reading]