`The Witches Have Me,` Says Kopong Man

source: Mmegi
Ephraim Keoreng
Staff Writer

KOPONG: Residents of Kopong, in the Kweneng District, were shocked last week when a casket-like box was removed from the ceiling of Maoto Kgowe’s house.

A terrified-looking Kgowe revealed that prophets from a Tswapong-based church called Rama Church told him that he was being bewitched and he went to pray for him whereupon they walked to his home only to unearth evil looking objects.

“First they prayed for me. I spewed out a rock-size hairy thing. At home, they told me there is a ‘coffin’ on the ceiling of my house. Indeed, we found it, stashed inside the ceiling. It was the size of a face-brick. It was wrapped up with a red cloth and inside were hairy objects and small bottles with medicine,” he said.

He also revealed that at the gate, the prophets dug out a rope made out of green and yellow wool, two bottles of medicine in his unfinished two and [continue reading]

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