Batswana take control of EMS outfit as Netcare 911 divests

source: Sunday Standard
by Sunday Standard Reporter
28.06.2009 2:33:18 P

When two Batswana entrepreneurs entered into a venture to form Netcare 991, an agreement was made that after some time, the South African medical group would sell its shareholding to the locals.

After several postponements, Netcare 911 finally sold its shares to the two Batswana shareholders, Tumelo Pabalinga and Simon Modisaeman, last July.

One of the shareholders of Netcare 991, now re-branded Emergency Assist 911, Pabalinga told Sunday Standard on Friday that there has always been an agreement to sell shareholding to ‘us’ to continue as a citizen company in 2003.

“We kept on postponing, but in 2008, we agreed that time had come,” Pabalinga, who also doubles as Finance and Administration Manager at [continue reading]

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