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source: Mmegi

There are those who think that President Ian Khama is a gift from God to the opposition. Perhaps that is the position of those much more steeped in spiritual matters.

However, we are inclined to agree that on the basis of what the Khama’s presidency has done at both the party level and at the national level is akin to a political suicide mission.

Khama has managed to destroy a party that through the years had maintained a state of agreeable togetherness. The Botswana Democratic Party was always a party that had mechanisms in place to deal with the challenges from internal differences. The fact that the BDP has won elections since the first year of independence shows that it has been coherent enough to convince the majority of Batswana of its ability to rule this country without plunging it into disaster.
Many critics have made various arguments against the BDP’s seeming dominance of local politics among them the skewed nature of the resource possession among political parties in this country and [continue reading]

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Cape Town – FIFA has cracked down heavily on Sangomas performing their rites on the artificial turf at the Somhlolo Stadium in Swaziland.

The world governing body has issued a warning that international games could be banned at the national stadium as the damage caused by the Inyangas could pose a danger to players.

FIFA was reacting to a report carried on on May 15 when it was disclosed that a Sangoma from either Black Mambas or Mbabane Swallows had ripped open a section of the expensive pitch that FIFA had provided under their ‘Win in Africa’ programme, dug a hole, burnt a sacrificial chicken and then buried it in the middle of the pitch.

Confirming FIFA’s response to the incident, acting National Football Association (NFAS) CEO Zwelonke ‘Sport’ Dlamini said, “It is true that we received [continue reading]

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The media has been urged to stop writing speculative stories and concentrate on telling the truth.

President Ian Khama said some reporters thrive on his “failures” rather than his successes.

“Stories appear every week in some publications which are meant to discredit me. I am not perfect, but I am trying really hard,” Khama said.

Khama said that there is no way a newspaper from USA can commend him on the work he has done when back home people do not see that.

Reminding the press that as the country goes into elections, they should not misuse their freedom ‘to insult or lie’. Khama told the journalists that they can also help in building their country.

“Whatever is reported and is negative will surely drive potential foreign investors from business opportunities. What people are doing is to [continue reading]

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Staff Writer

Dick Bayford, lawyer for the Sunday Standard yesterday warned President Ian Khama of the repercussions were he to continue with the case against the paper.

Addressing a press conference yesterday on the John Kalafatis post-mortem report, Bayford of Bayford and Associates, , flanked by Duma Boko of Duma Boko & Company who is the co-lawyer in the Kalafatis murder investigation case, explained the civil case to the press. Kalafatis was murdered in cold blood about three weeks ago.

Bayford said that the president could proceed with his case but he warned him that by doing so, he would be overturning the protection from litigation he gets from the constitution. The constitution protects the president from prosecution during his term in office and without it, he is no longer immune from any counter-litigation, were he to proceed with suing the paper.

The lawyer further warned the president that, [continue reading]

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The Oriental Post, a Chinese newspaper, was launched at Gaborone’s Maharaja Restaurant on Friday night. The newspaper, probably the first of its kind in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), is printed in Chinese.

Speaking at the event, Miles Nan, the president of the Oriental Post, said that it has come to their attention, as the Chinese community living in Botswana, that there is a massive communication gap among service providers, product developers and the Chinese community in Botswana. He attributed this to the fact that ” most of the Chinese do not understand English and speak very little Setswana”.

The Chinese however play an important role in the lives of Batswana through the services that they are offering both in urban or rural areas. The newspaper will also cater for the Chinese community in that services such as banking and insurance services, among others, will be written in their language so it will be [continue reading]

source: SW Radio Africa
By Violet Gonda
2 June 2009

On Tuesday the MDC announced that five ZANU PF supporters, including the son of a governor and two soldiers, had been arrested in connection with the murder of an MDC Gokwe district organising secretary. The politically motivated murder took place in March, a month after the political parties had formed the coalition government.

We were not able to reach the police spokesperson, Wayne Bvudzijena, but the MDC said in a statement: “Farai Machaya, the son of Midlands governor, Jaison Machaya, has been arrested with four others, including two Zimbabwe National Army soldiers, for the murder of MDC activist, Moses Chokuda in Gokwe in March this year.”

The party said the 25 year old MDC district organising secretary was abducted on March 21st by the five at Gokwe Centre, where he had gone to attend an MDC council meeting. One of the other assailants has been identified as [continue reading]

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Calistus Kolantsho

BOBONONG: The Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, Ponatshego Kedikilwe, says DiamonEx is expected to resume operations at its Lerala Mine soon.

Led by Fleming Asset Management Botswana (FAMB), bondholders are in the process of concluding an agreement to acquire majority shareholding in the mine and restructure the company’s debt, the minister revealed at a Kgotla meeting here last week.

When the mine ceased operating a few months ago and trading on the BSE in January, 285 people had lost their jobs. Kedikilwe said DiamonEx had failed to repay a loan of P10 million it acquired from the European Bank.

Apart from private and institutional investors, the government also loaned the company some money and it has since taken 25 000 diamond carats as security. Kedikilwe said some companies had shown interest in the mine but [continue reading]

source: SW Radio Africa
By Lance Guma
02 June 2009

Finance Minister Tendai Biti says the government is weighing up the prospect of using the South African Rand as Zimbabwe’s official currency. The country is currently using a system of multiple currencies which resulted in the local currency dying a natural death. Biti says they are exploring 3 different options, including using the Rand, bringing back a redenominated Zimbabwe Dollar or sticking with the current multiple currency system. He said that a decision will be made by the end of the year.

The debate will inevitably center on whether Zimbabwe really wants to surrender its power over monetary policy, interest rates and inflation levels to its neighbour. The flip side of the argument is that this will bring economic stability to a country once plagued by trillion percentage inflation and chronic cash shortages. The current use of multiple currencies pursued by the coalition government has so far brought inflation under control and made previously scarce goods available in shops, but [continue reading]

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SELEBI-PHIKWE: Botswana Local Police officers here have criticised the government decision to merge them with Botswana Police Service (BPS).

Speaking to Mmegi yesterday, officers who would like to remain anonymous said they were never consulted about the merger and they only learnt about the process in the media. The officers, who were at the Mmegi offices in Selebi-Phikwe yesterday, represented the interests of their colleagues in the entire Bobirwa region.

They mentioned that they were surprised when they were only asked to fill the Department of Public Service Management (DPSM) forms and their fingerprints taken.

“DPSM forms are completed when one is applying for a job in the government but [continue reading]

source: IOL
Christelle Terreblanche
June 03 2009

President Jacob Zuma was due to deliver his maiden State of the Nation address at a joint sitting of Parliament on Wednesday with all three former presidents – including Nelson Mandela – there to watch him.

Parliament and the Nelson Mandela Foundation on Tuesday confirmed that the 90-year-old statesman would attend the event, accompanied by his wife, Graça Machel. It will be the first State of the Nation address Mandela has attended since 2004.

Former president Thabo Mbeki had also confirmed his attendance, parliamentary liaison officer Estelle Randall said yesterday.

His successor, Kgalema Motlanthe – who is now deputy president – was also expected to [continue reading]

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Lawyers representing the family of the late John Kalafatis say that the Commissioner of Police Thebeyame Tsimako warned them against releasing John Kalafatis post – mortem report while the case is on-going.

Tsimako, the lawyers said, threatened that there would be repercussions from their speaking to the public about the report. However speaking at a press conference organised by Duma Boko of Duma Boko and Co. and Dick Bayford of Dick Bayford & Co., Boko said: “We are not intimidated by the threat.”

The lawyers who are acting for the family of the murdered suspected criminal also accused the government of trying to protect his killers by instigating an inquest instead of a proper criminal investigation. Last week, the Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Ndelu Seretse announced at a press conference that government [continue reading]

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Artwell Dlamini

Johannesburg — GM African operations president Stevan Koch said the bankruptcy filing by the parent in the US yesterday made no difference to the local operation.

Koch said the local unit would continue to honour warranties, maintain service plans and keep its dealership network intact. He said no deal involving Hummer, one of the brands GM sought to sell as part of the restructuring, had been reached yet.

He said Opel, despite a deal at the weekend, was in close contact with GMSA, which assembled Opel Corsas at its plant in Port Elizabeth.

GM Europe, GM’s European operation, said it had secured approval on Saturday for a à 1,5bn bridging financing agreement with the German government based on the partnership with Canadian part supplier Magna and Russia’s Sberbank.

Opel/Vauxhall assets had been pooled under Adam Opel, with most shares of [continue reading]

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The recent visit to Zimbabwe by the Botswana business delegation under the leadership of Botswana Confederation of Commerce, Industry and Manpower(BOCCIM) achieved its intended objectives, a statement from the organisation says.

According to the feedback from those who participated in the mission , BOCCIM’s initiative in undertaking this trip was highly appreciated with many saying it has been an eye opener while quite a number stated that they will make follow up trips to Zimbabwe on their own to further pursue the discussions they initiated during this trip.

The trade mission came about following an invitation to BOCCIM by the Botswana Government to participate in the programme of assistance to the Zimbabwe’s Short Term Economic Recovery Programme (STERP).

The BOCCIM Executive Council established a task team whose [continue reading]

source: Engineering News
By: Creamer Media Reporter
2nd June 2009

Cement producer Pretoria Portland Cement (PPC) is expanding its aggregates business in Botswana as major infrastructure projects in the capital Gabarone is boosting demand.

PPC said on Tuesday that its aggregates unit had moved its semimobile crushing plant from the Mooiplaas quarry in Gauteng, to the Kgale quarry near Gaborone, allowing the quarry to increase its production from 500 000 t/y to 620 000 t/y of aggregate products, lifting capacity by [continue reading]

source: IOL
June 02 2009
By James Macharia

The death toll from a fire at an abandoned South African gold mine rose to at least 61 on Tuesday, making it the country’s worst such disaster in recent memory at an illicit mine.

The fire has raged for days at the mine, owned by Harmony Gold Mining, in the central Free State province whose many disused mines hold enough deposits to attract illegal mining syndicates.

A further 25 bodies were recovered on Tuesday.

“This is the worst ever such tragedy involving illegal miners in this country, and we fear even more bodies may be found,” Minister of Mining Susan Shabangu told Reuters in a telephone interview after [continue reading]