Southern Africa: Mozambique, Zambia And Zimbabwe Agree On Conservation Area

source: allAfrica

Maputo — Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia have agreed that the three countries will jointly manage the natural resources in their cross border conservation areas.

The announcement was made in Maputo on Tuesday by Afonso Madope, of the Cross-border Conservation Areas Unit in the Mozambican Tourism Ministry. He was speaking to reporters shortly after the start of a meeting between the tourism authorities of the three countries.

“Our proposal is that the agreement be formalized in a period of not more than two months”, said Madope.

The preparation of this cross-border conservation area, to be known as ZIMOZA, has dragged on for more than seven years. The document before Tuesday’s meeting is the minutes of a meeting from 2002, and the idea of joint management was first raised by a Zimbabwean deputy minister in 1999.

After Tuesday’s meeting, the document from the tourism ministries must be submitted to [continue reading]

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