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Botswana recently became the recipient of the Celebrate Africa Foundation’s “African Country of the Year” award. Celebrate Africa Foundation (CAF) is an international organisation based in New York, USA that aims to promote a positive global image of Africa.

The first country to win the award was Senegal in 2006. Its recipient must exhibit the core values of the foundation’s mission statement.

CAF claims to recognise and celebrate a country’s achievements in good governance, sound management of public resources, respect for human rights and the rule of law and to advance progressive socio-economic and private sector development throughout the continent.

But it is unclear how CAF assesses countries as potential candidates for its award or how frequently the award is given. Even the Office of the President knows little about the organisation that has bestowed [continue reading]

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author/source:Los Angeles Times
published:Sat 23-May-2009

“Why is it happening here only?”
Traditional rituals to appease the dead have not been performed for years. Some believe that’s the cause for a recent string of terrible crashes on one highway

By Robyn Dixon

Reporting from Chivhu – The road is scarred with skid marks, some curved like snakes, others pencil straight. They shriek the fates of unlucky travelers who lost their lives; they mark the near-misses. It’s not just the treacherous potholes, or the edges of the road nibbled away like cookies. It’s not the dozing driver behind the glaring truck headlights about to veer onto the wrong side. People here in central Zimbabwe are afraid of something else. The pedestrians crossing the road at night, dressed in black, walking so slowly that drivers are forced to swerve – ghostly figures not made of skin and bone. And the mermaid in the Pimbi River, angry at the blood and gasoline spilled when a bus crashed into the water two years ago.

For a long time, things have not been right anywhere in this beautiful but tortured country. The economy has collapsed; there’s been conflict, hatred, repression. But many believe the nation’s long, grinding crisis is just a symptom of something deeper: The ancestors are angry. Some people here trace today’s road disasters back to [continue reading]

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May 23 2009 at 04:57PM

Better state intervention is needed if more poor students are to have access to higher education, President Jacob Zuma said on Saturday.

Zuma was addressing a graduation ceremony at the University of Zululand, which will soon mark its 50th anniversary.

“The anniversary of an institution of this nature reminds us of the need to work harder to encourage more students from working class and poor communities to acquire higher education,” said Zuma.

“This will require that we improve the National Student Financial Aid scheme amongst other interventions.”

Zuma also said that higher education as a whole not only needed to assist in the development of South Africa but also prepare its students in a competitive [continue reading]