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source: The Botswana Gazette
Written by Botswana Gazette online
Thursday, 30 April 2009 00:00

FRANCISTOWN: Botswana Congress Party (BCP) leader Gilson Saleshando has accused President Lt. Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama for ‘killing internal democracy’ in the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) and he (Saleshando) fears that national democracy could also be under threat. Saleshando was speaking at the launch of the BCP parliamentary candidate for Francistown East constituency, Mr. Morgan Captain Moseki last week. He said threats to democracy are evidenced by rising factionalism and floor crossing within the BDP.

He said the BDP president was behind the problems afflicting the Botswana National Front (BNF) and “he is now attacking this country’s democracy”.
“A lot of things are damaged in this country. For instance, people’s cattle are no longer sold at certain points in the country as had been done for years. Now braai is being stopped and banned in this country for reasons unknown. Time is coming soon when people like Buti Billy (Francistown City mayor) will come running away from Khama as evidenced by resignations from the BDP to opposition parties,” the BCP President said.

The BCP leader who never leaves his Bible to [continue reading]

source: allAfrica
Reserve Bank of South Africa (Pretoria)
Tito Mboweni
30 April 2009

The following is a statement from the Monetary Policy Committee of the Reserve Bank of South Africa:

1. Introduction

1.1 The global economy continues to be in the midst of a severe synchronised downturn with a number of countries already experiencing recession. The G-20 countries, including South Africa, have committed themselves to a programme of action in order to contribute toward the earliest possible global economic recovery. Despite a generally positive response to the G-20 summit in April, it has become increasingly accepted that the slowdown is likely to be severe and protracted, and that the global recovery is likely to be gradual.

1.2 Domestic output and expenditure growth are declining or negative, and the growth outlook is dependent to a significant extent on a broader global recovery. Despite the widening domestic output gap, inflation remains sticky but is expected to continue on its [continue reading]

source: BBC News

Africa’s first two possible cases of the potentially killer swine flu virus are being tested in South Africa.

Both women, one from Gauteng, the other from Western Cape, had “mild symptoms”, said Lucille Blumberg, of the National Institute for Communicable Diseases.

It comes as the African Union prepared to establish a continent-wide response to any major outbreak of the virus.

The World Health Organization has raised the swine flu alert level to warn a global pandemic may be imminent.

The two South Africans had recently visited Mexico, epicentre of [continue reading]