Botswana: Strengthening River Basin Management

source: allAfrica
21 April 2009

Gaborone — Many of the adverse effects of floods which swamped northwest Botswana in early March could have been avoided if the Okavango River Basin Commission (OKACOM) had an early warning system in place.

“I just returned from northwest Botswana where I was inspecting damage from the recent flooding – the largest on record,” Gabaake Gabaake, Permanent Secretary in Botswana’s Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources told delegates at the opening of a two-day regional conference in Gaborone on strengthening trans-boundary water management.

“We could have minimised the adverse impacts of this event if OKACOM had used its flow and water level data to develop and implement an early warning system,” Gabaake said. “Those of us from OKACOM sitting here, and maybe even SADC, should be asking ourselves why it is that we have so many workshops like these, and Commission Meetings, and yet we cannot not even deal with [continue reading]

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